Theme 1/2015

Love is in the air and we are so thrilled to kick off 2015 with it’s first theme, Romance!

The Romance genre is huge in the publishing world!

Romance can often be incorporated in different genres of fiction and poetry

And Romance has so many sub genre’s to choose from! There’s:

  • Historical Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Paranormal Romance

The possibilities are endless!

The possibilities are endless, the sky is your limit so let your creative juices flow!

What we are doing differently this year is not to set a deadline on the theme, if the theme is popular we will run it until the submissions stop but if we see that the theme isn’t getting a lot of response we will replace it with another.

If you still wish to submit your stories that aren’t related to this month’s theme, we will still feature you on the site

Submissions so far:


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