You Speak of Romance

We are so delighted to have Safiya Al Nuaimi back with us with a brand new post for our Romance theme titled “You Speak of Romance” Enjoy!

You speak of romance,

As that fluffy world of pink petals;

A hyperbole of what it originally stands for.

You overlook its strong ability,

To homogenize us into a perfect element of repellent attraction,

Of how two unalike spirits become a paradox,

Creating collisions of turbulence and stability,

Of how enticing their odds may be,

And how it equates to a parallel universe of their making,

And how one’s goodness can overwhelm you,

And give you heartaches,

And how it can placate your pain.

You speak of romance,

Forgetting its staggering growth,

And its hasty beats upon your chambers,

Of how you are no longer one figure standing,

But rather two beings merged,

And you rise and fall,

And become undone then whole again,

Like a stream of water, constantly flowing,

Hitting rocks and pebbles yet emerging strong again,

Of how the flaws you once adored are now disturbing you,

But you still fall in each other’s arms at the end of the day;

This is romance,

A beautiful grotesque oxymoron.

Author: Safiya Al Nuaimi 


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