I Needn’t Be A Hopeless Romantic

We are so delighted to be posting  brand new writer Mona AlKhateeb with her debut post “I Needn’t Be A Hopeless Romantic” for our Romance theme

I’ll love you in paragraphs rather than sell you affection in inflamed bulk. I’ll love you with our hearts overlapped and our feelings intertwined and our capillaries infused. I’ll love you as lead loves paper, as waves love the shore, as laces love shoes, as ear drums love guitars. I’ll love you in the most creative daydreams your mind could dare to dream up, and in the most typical cliché scheme you’ve ever seen. I’ll love you like the sun loves the moon, like the darkness loves allies, like travel bags love locks, like cars love sleek pavements, and most importantly: I’ll love you like you love me.


Author: Mona AlKhateeb


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