Plastic Perfection

We are so thrilled to have Mariam Q back with us with a brand new post titled “Plastic Perfection” We hope you enjoy it

There are two things that made me hate makeup
university and weddings
But then again I need it for I lived in a society
that dug and searched for perfection
Big eyes, slim faces and long lashes
Plum lips, flushed cheeks and perfect eyeliners
High cheekbones, sharp chins and drawn on eyebrows
I could not say I hate it and not use it
Then I would be lying to myself
At times I loved it because it empowered me
It enhanced a beauty that resided within me
It made me feel timeless and invincible
But the meaning of it became twisted
We curl our lashes to bat them away at women
To pretend and fake confidence while we crumble
We smack our lips with glosses to impress
Those who don’t matter and don’t care
I fail and refuse to understand
Why I have to cover my skin in mountains of paint
Torrents of colours, fake hairs and plucked skin
Every time I moved forward I lost myself
Pieces of my original self scattered while I scrambled
What did they want?
What should I do?
Why should I care?
We lived in a society that generalised beauty
That cut, edged and boxed us in labels
My voice was gone, it was hoarse and done
I am tired of screaming, yelling and shouting
What was wrong with being me?
I would wear a thousand masks to please
I would curl my hair and powder away my face
But then again
Who was I?
Why was I doing this?
Why did I care?
It was my life and I did not have to impress
I did not want to be labeled, I wanted to live
I wanted to shine and show myself
I wanted to be myself
We lived in society that demanded perfection
Not of talents, hobbies or achievements
That wanted and demanded
plastic perfection
I did not have any of that and did not plan to
I was created the way I am and it was time
That society learned to accept that
Author: Mariam Q 

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