Submissive Lingering

We are so delighted to be posting this unique Romance post written by Rowdah Ahmed which is all about the perspective of a perfume bottle. We hope you enjoy it

The first time she touched my puny little circular body, I felt an electric shock. I never had one of those before. This was new. Usually when humans decide to give me a try, I feel nothing. I’m just doing my job. They take a piece of me with them, unaware that I consciously linger around. Roaming in their fabric. Making it my playground. On occasion, I peer around their lives from their fabrics. But only for a little while. My time with them is limited. I can’t stay forever.

Each human has a specific feel to them when they hold me and spray me on. Most humans feel the same and it’s a bore, really. I just decide to hibernate most of the time. Been there done that. Seen their boring lives. Most people have such dull lives. Unaware that it’s like a cassette on repeat. God. I just want them to do something other than mindlessly staring into this rectangular bright void they carry locked on their hand at all time. I have no idea what’s with this bright rectangular void but whatever it is, it’s sucks their energy into it with the tab of their own fingers. Why do they do this to themselves? What is it about their “real” lives they want to avoid by fixating on this screen? If I couldn’t mentally cope with a day with them, I have no idea how they can stand their entire lives. Cassette on repeat. Bland Bland Bland. Rectangular bright void.

But her. Oh her.

She electrified me from the first touch. And when she sprayed me on…oh my. I was torturously pleasured. There was something about her skin that radiated this thrilling energy. I knew she was going to be different. I quickly raced to the edge of her fabric to peak. There was minimal sign of that hideous bright void. Replaced by that was a circular dim illuminator that was surrounded by darkness high above us. The sounds of fierce waves crushing the sand. From her pulse, I could sense she was nervous about something. I didn’t know how to comfort her except to circulate faster so that my scent strengthens.

As I was slowly evaporating off her, I had a good look at her face. Damn, that girl looked worried yet assured. I  do not know how how that can be. She seemed like she worried about the consequences of certain actions but assured that there was no other way for her. As if she gave her seemingly odd choices a magnitude of thought before committing them. I knew straight away that the majority (the Rectangular Bright Void-ers) might call her a risk taker or even reckless but that’s far from the truth. She never was. She just defines “risk” by other means. She fears that if she doesn’t embark on her experiments then she’ll slowly transform into the Rectangular Bright Void-ers. Bland Bland Bland. A cassette on repeat.

The last bits of myself were about to disappear completely off her when I could see that there were other people approaching her. They seemed as if they knew her. She turned towards them and gave them a nervous smile and patted the sand next to her welcoming them to sit. She obviously was meeting them for the first time.

I tried my best to hold on. I wasn’t ready to let go yet. I wanted to know how this will end. I wanted to know more. I gripped her skin ever so tightly but it was of no use. Into the air I transcended.


She never came back. I keep thinking about her but she never came back. Whenever I hear someone approaching to try me, excitement gets a hold on me but then it drowns away when it isn’t her. Was I not different or adventurous enough for her?
Then I remember, that I’m just a tester perfume. I’m merely a Tom Ford creation pressed to be Tobacco and Vanilla scented. That’s all I will ever be. I didn’t have a choice. I will never know the pleasure of worry and the thrill of embarking on an adventure. The thrill of trying something new for the first time. The thrill of trying to pursue what I believe in to be right despite of challenges. Never.

I have to keep reminding myself that I’m just a tester perfume. That’s all I will ever be. That’s why I was made. It’s my only purpose.

I’m just a tester perfume. Just a tester perfume. Just a tester perfume.

Author: Rowdah Ahmed


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