It is always a thrill to have a new submission from Shamma K Al Bastaki so we are so excited when she sent us a new submission for our Romance theme titled “Sun”

He told her she was his Sun.

“The Sun is not special,” she replied, “It’s just an ordinary star in the sky. A speck in the universe, the universe itself a mere speck in the multiverse – the universe of universes. Our cosmos is ever-expanding, galaxies giving birth to infinite stars much like the one we call the Sun. Why, then, do you compare me to that blazing, arguably unspectacular speck in space?”

With a smirk and a sigh, he met her shimmering eyes.

“You clever fool. So passionate in your intellect. So wry in your wit. My dear, think of it this way. Without the Sun, I would not exist. Without you, I simply wouldn’t be. Couldn’t be.

You’re the light that lifts the dark away each morning when you rise.
And when you leave, you crimsonise my soul’s sapphire skies.

You fuel the fuel that fuels my energy to breathe and live

You are the truest paragon of what it means to give

You torch my very spirit, I can’t bear it when we part.
You warm the wintry quarters of the the chambers of my heart.”

There was a lingering moment of silence between them, seconds as soundless as vacuum in space.

He circled about her silent form, stepping the circumference of her merciless magnetism, absorbing all radiance in irresistible orbit. She was his gravity, and he could not resist her pull.

A celestial glow danced upon her features, and she let out a gleaming sliver of a smile.

“You are my source of light and life,” he whispered, taking her hands into his own.
“Now, my Sun, will you be my wife?”

Author: Shamma K Al Bastaki 


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