Dear diffident human,

We’ve missed Safiya Al Nuaimi ‘s writing so much so we were thrilled to receive this post from her for our Letters theme which is titled “Dear diffident human,” So we hope you enjoy it

Dear diffident human,

I am writing you this letter today in my most hopeful of tones hoping my optimism rubs on you. I couldn’t help but notice how you always introduce yourself to people as dull and ordinary when one cannot help but spot the worlds inside your eyes when they sparkle with passion. A passionate person is never ordinarily insipid. You may be misguided or you may have not found what ignites you; but it exists inside you waiting for one exploration to erupt as confetti.

Weren’t we all lost once? It takes will power to put yourself in places, dear human. It takes courage to try things knowing that failure is inevitable. It takes bravery to have the gut to try again and explore other interests until you find your true passion. You cannot converse with people telling them you’re just another typical human. You are not. You are never like the person next to you. You might share some things in common, but you were born with a talent craving to be discovered.

Ask yourself myriad questions until your answers feel right: Do I like drawing? Do I enjoy observing? Do I see myself a volunteer? Do I love numbers? You can do it all if you want to. You can explore the world of finance and see if numbers actually are your strongest qualities. You can try volunteering and see if it overfills you with joy. You can observe people in the park and see if you enjoy behaviorism, body language, and other nonverbal cues. You can practice drawing on a piece of paper and see if there’s room for improvement there.

I urge you, human, to put yourselves in places even if you don’t see yourself there. How else would you know what feels right? If you are born knowing what you’re passionate about, you are lucky. If you were born lost, like me, you would do everything until you settle with what you like.

And remember, dear human, that you can be whatever you want to be as long as you have the will. You are never ordinary.

Yours truly,

Another fellow human.

Author: Safiya Al Nuaimi 


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