Q: Why only writers?

Writing is one of the most difficult forms of expression one can pursue. It is time-consuming and often done in solitary. There are a lot of communities out there but as we said in our mission statement, we want to create a hub where female writers and come and just let   their imagination flow with them with the full support of the Untitled Chapters Team.

Q: Why is the website English?

We have decided to create the website in English due to English being the universal language of the world and we wish for our members to have their work be visible to every one of all nationalities. That does not mean we do not welcome writers who write in Arabic, on the contrary we will be hosting Arabic stories in the website as well

Q: What sort of activities will Untitled Chapters be conducting?

We have a lot of activities planned for the members of Untitled Chapters, some include meet ups and discussions related solely to writing and authors. We are also planning to get an interview with some very inspiring figures in writing from the UAE.

Every month, we will be issuing a word or a theme where members can write about, it doesn’t matter what genre they write in as long as it is somewhat related to that specific prompt. The author that will stand out above all the rest will be featured as Writer of the month. This is not to get pin you guys against each other (LOL =P) but it will keep things interesting between us and drive us writers to want to improve our writing

Contests are also something that the team will be conducting every once in a while where members can submit stories based on a theme. All entries are then judged by a panel who will then pick a winner out of the entries and a prize will be given to them (Writing related of course =p)

Q: Why Only Female Emirati writers?

I’m sure that there are a lot of writers in the United Arab Emirates. We do wish to start from home and with the community around us. In the future we are planning to expand it to the Male writers and perhaps GCC countries if the demand for it is high.

Q: How can I become a member?

The Criteria to becoming a member of Untitled Chapters is fairly simple, all you need to do it:

– Be a Female Emirati Writer whose passionate about writing

– Follow us on @untitledchapter

That’s basically it

Like we said, simple 🙂

Of course, the more active you are the better ^^

Q: What Genres will you be covering?

We welcome writing from all genres may it be fiction, none fiction, mystery, crime, romance, historical, fantasy…. ect.

Whatever genre that you’re interested in, The Untitled Chapters Team welcomes you!

Q: How can I contact you? 

You can send us a Direct Message on our twitter page and we will send you our email or by filling the form here

Q: How is the submission process done?

It’s basically the same as how you contact us, after we receive your entry via email, the Untitled Chapters team will look over the entries and then contact you again when your submission is posted onto the website

Q: Are there certain topics you don’t accept?

We do not accept any submissions that tackles Politics, government or religion (Negative mostly)

– Untitled Chapters Team