Shahd Thani: Winner of Emirates Literature Foundation’s first Mentorship Programme

We are so thrilled to announce that our dear Shahd Thani as been announced as the winner of the Emirates Literature Foundation’s first Mentorship Programme.


Award-winning fiction writer Liz Fenwick will be giving Thani the benefit of her expertise and work closely with her to complete her manuscript and pitch it to publishers and literary agents. The other two finalists were Shaima Al Shamsi, one of our own writers as well and Roudha Al Shehhi.

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UC Book Criteria

Criteria for written pieces to be featured in the Untitled Chapter Book.

It’s almost that time of year when we start compiling written pieces for the Untitled Chapter. We have a limited amount of pages so to streamline the process for choosing the pieces, we are applying a point system to make judging easier and less subjective. Each written piece is initially read by 2-3 members of the Untitled Chapter Team and the following criteria should be applied.

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Annoucement: Next UC Book Update!

Hello writers!   If you didn’t know, the anniversary of Untitled Chapters is drawing near. Traditionally, the Untitled Chapters team would organize an event, bringing together our writers, poets, readers and beloved fans of the written word in all its forms. But we’ll talk more about that in another post.   The second most exciting thing that happens around this time is the distribution of the Untitled Chapters volume—a collection of submissions we received throughout the year.   Since we took a short hiatus last year, this year’s volume will include both 2014 – 2015 submissions.   While this will … Continue reading Annoucement: Next UC Book Update!