Vamos is Bahar Al Awadhi ‘s 5th submission in a row with each theme that we put out! We hope you enjoy her submission to our Supernatural theme; a sporty twist to it where it was inspired by Real Madrid’s fight for their tenth Champions League trophy, and the seemingly magical way, that Sergio Ramos brought their team back to life in the dying seconds of the match as they went on to lift their trophy.

It was a night of magic. Men, women, and children were all in disarray and jittery with excitement, nerves, hopes and fear. They had all come around for the battle. It was a battle between two forces – one force, a new power, eager to go where they had never been before, the other with a renewed desire to reach their ultimate goal of bringing pride and stability to their people. Each force ignited with passion and a desire to overpower the other and achieve success, but only one could prevail.

The chase was on, and it was off to an intense start. The two forces battled it out, chasing, running, dribbling, as the people looked on in fear, clenching their fists, biting their nails, their hearts pounding out of their chest. The tension could be sensed by everyone and the scent of fear engulfed them. Who would come out on top? Who could stand through this test? And who would fall? Could the people’s dreams come true again?

The night had started with hope as the force of pride and love was strong and they were determined not to lose, but the night soon led to fury as they felt their dreams slipping through their fingers. They were behind, and this new force looked like they could take over and shatter their dreams. This brought them to the realization that if they did not fight harder, they would succumb to another loss. They could and would not let that happen. And so they fought and they persevered. They continued to fight until their very last breath. They kept surging ahead, not ready to give up, and not willing to let the dreams of millions vanish. On that night, the force consisted of eleven men and one leader, but throughout that long and arduous battle, one hero came through for them. In the dying seconds of the battle, this hero brought back hope to millions. With one touch, millions were revived and hope was restored. This was one superhero not willing to let those dreams die. And so it suddenly seemed that the stars were aligned for them, and after that one flicker – one touch of magic – the team were stronger than ever, and truly a force to be reckoned with. They found themselves rising to power again as they battled out the other force, knocking them down one by one. And suddenly, the people went ablaze, elated and uplifted, as they realized their dreams were coming true. The force rose to power again and brought home the coveted “Decima” to their supporters. It was a magical night indeed for Los Blancos, and one that will be remembered by many generations to come.

Author: Bahar Al Awadhi


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