Facing Change

Heba is back with us with a brand new poem all about dealing with change titled “Facing Change” We hope you enjoy it

Fog obscures my blurry vision
Haziness blinds my sense of sight
Absent thoughts cloud my understanding
Drifting from felicity to fright
It is a silent figure, approaching at a rate
Faster than the palpitations in my chest
The winged animals that would not abate
That refused to settle in their nest.
It looms, it threatens, it lies overhead
Escalating my sense of dread
But when it arrives, will the fear have fled?
Will the worry have long been shed?
And when the time comes to renovate and rearrange
How will I face
Id gotten used to the monotone
The hum of everyday routine
Then look back and see I’ve grown
A future I never had foreseen
The comfort of the familiar
Off it they try to make me wean
Terrified and anxious,
I lie somewhere in between
The apprehension of my approaching fate
Leaves me in a somber state
And through all this, I can’t help but debate
Will it be worth the wait?
When shifting tides and welcoming the strange
How will I face
Silently, it signals it is near
And although my view is far from clear
I am a warrior, forced to adhere
I reach inside of me, pull out that blade and spear
I am armed, I’ve got my gear.
Embedded in me, the second I was born
The gift of being lost and torn
Because how else will I attain myself
If not shredded and worn
If not lost, how can I be found?
How saved if not first drowned?
Spectrums shimmer after the clouds first weep
A dawn awakens when the darkness has gone to sleep
A universal law, it runs beyond deep
Moments last in memories, but nothing
is ours to keep
Moving is weary, but I’ll stay on my feet
He wouldn’t have created me
If I was to exist complete
If everything came easy
I’d never raise my palms
I’d never taste the sweetness of
prayer or the assurance of calm
I’d never feel the bliss of giving him my trust and certitude
Of sending my faith skies above
no matter the altitude
Perhaps fear is nonexistent, a result of attitude
Feverish proclamations we happen to conclude
The unknown is less terrifying
When you know it’s already been recorded
And I know now what I face
Is more valuable than any gift I’ve ever afforded..
So I thrust myself, gear and all
Into the tomorrow I was sure would make me fall
The shadowy figure has never seemed so small
With newfound confidence, I’ll leave it in his hands
He’ll know how to arrange
I know now how I’ll face

Author: Heba


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