Two White Ghosts

We are thrilled to have our very own Hessa AlBanafsaj back with us with a brand new short story for our Supernatural theme titled “Two White Ghosts”

She woke up first, elevated from her body, she hovered above pieces of crystal glass covered in red blood. He woke up next to the Horror of reality; he lifted from his body, to finds his love next to him.

Gravity didn’t play any role here, the laws of physics were mere myths, they were ghosts, now the supernatural is reality.

He floated over to her; they both shared the view of their dead bodies, laying on the pavement, with blue and red lights deafening the living. They see hands touching their paralyzed bodies, lifting, dropping, moving, leaning, men with white coats trying to resurrect the dead with no success.

They stayed there silently seeing the horrified haters who played a prank that went terribly wrong. “We were just joking” one argued, with wet eyes, shivering voice, and regret while being cuffed.

Two white ghosts watched this parade from above.
Two white ghosts learned the irony of life.
One white ghost said i won’t live if you cuff them, jail them or kill them.
The other white ghost said i can’t breathe again even if his time became mine.

Transparent tears flew over her cheek, only his hands could shed them away. He laced her hands, fingers tangled; they flew through the skyline of city lights. He took her high, above to the sky, they pillowed a cloud and he said with love:
“I’ll be here forever; I’ll mend your broken soul. I’ll be here forever; I’ll heal your open wounds. Our souls have left our bodies, we live without these vessels, I’ll share your every moment, I’ll share your every dream.”

He placed a hand on her cheek, and held her hand with the other, he continued to comfort her, with words that didn’t smother:
“We came back to be together, our love is that strong. I’ll protect you from your demons, I’ll share your body’s cold. We’ll stay here forever unseen, we can haunt our enemies, revenge our memories, experience the dark side.”

She felt his hands closing her eye lids, as tears flew like waterfalls, he came closer whispering with cold breeze, words that touched her heart:
“Don’t shed your tears my baby, we don’t need our bodies anymore. We don’t need these sacks of flesh and blood, we don’t desire mortality. We can fly, dive, travel in disguise, we can wonder old streets. We can laugh together, love forever, fearless & free.”

He felt her finger on his lips, her first touch of a ghost; he heard her voice telling him what she finally thought:
“We belong in heaven, the land of forever, that’s our home. We don’t need these hollow hearts, these fake smiles, these stereotypical racist, sexist, double faced antagonists. We can live purely, just two white ghosts, no masks to be worn, no games to be won.”


Author: Hessa AlBanafsaj


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