By The Shore

We are delighted to have a brand another brand new writer for 2014! Welcome Salama Alharmoodi debuting her piece titled “By The Shore” Enjoy

Don’t remember this. No, don’t remember this.
We are losing it all, but we are gaining the world with our hands tied.
Your arms placed upon mine.
And the sky looks so right, and you’re mine tonight.
– Dead Poetic, Paralytic
The skies were left to bleed for days
It kissed the water, it passed on this disease
As the sun burned below the horizon, in blaze
And I would try to remember the words we said
Leave the angels be, let them dance
And we’ll paint them in dull hues, like photographs
The memories will eventually die away
Like stars, wished upon once, left to explode, and fade.
By the shores we kissed, hand in hand
Laced upon the damp sand
Dirty with bitter memories, we’ve killed the past
Drained from our lips I’ve dared to attach
In which we’ve finally found salvation upon the lost
Fought our demons, and shared our victories and loss
We lay by the waters, in hopes of washing the sins away
Your hand tangled within my hair…
Justify this feeling, it grows and blossoms on
Lovers left to dream, and the dream continues on
When the sky truly meets the waters once more
I’ll be here waiting, down the same shore.

Author:  Salama Alharmoodi 


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