Shedding my skin

Fatma Lootah is back with a brand new poem inspired by the theme metamorphosis We hope you enjoy ^^

Feeling like I am flaking the old skin off my shoulder,

As a fresh dermis replaces itself from beneath,

I tread onwards.

Peeling away what’s left of me. My past.

Making the memories fly away in the blowing breeze.

Your words have marked permanent scars on my soul.

Your hands tattooed violence on every inch of my body.

Your looks carved holes in my heart.

Your broken promises are better left unsaid.

You dragged me into your miserable life.

You drowned me with your ugly black lies.

You suffocated me with your false hope,

Making the very last sliver of my being regret its existence.

I am no longer the person I used to be.

And you’re no longer the person I used to know.

No one has ever destroyed me as much as you.

And only time has granted me the chance to change.

You should’ve realised that. That I had grown uncomfortable in my skin.

It no longer suited me. And it no longer will.

Just as a snake slides from the scales and skin that hinder him

I slid from mine with my pride intact.

We are similar in many ways.

Yet different,

In many other.

I was weak, but you are weaker with your imperfect personality.

You were strong, but I am stronger with my persistent pride and dignity.

Through the slit of my eye

You wonder what I see.

I see a world I no longer know. I no longer want!

A world no longer recognizes me. Who I am.

A place that tried to transform me completely

But did not succeed.

Author: Fatma Lootah


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