We are thrilled to debut a brand new writer with us today! Alia Mohammad shares with us her peice titled “Life?” as her first on the website. We hope you enjoy ^^

A random thought, but it’s worth wondering about.

When everyone is being part of something I can’t help but try to understand and be part of that thing. Call it curiosity or whatever you might label it, but I sure do love knowing what is going on around me. This curiosity makes me watch every big football match with dad. The excitement of the fans on twitter, at home and on blackberry messenger turns me into an instant and short-term fan.

That one match a few days ago made me realize that football is life. Well, not exactly life but more of a metaphor to the meaning of life. I know it sounds like a promising peace making idea but just carry on with me.

You see, just like life, playing a good game doesn’t mean you’re going to score the goal or win the match. Luck plays a role. You might be the one that passed the ball to the perfect spot for the other player to score a goal, but that doesn’t mean you’ll take the credits. The one who scored will indeed be the one praised. Doesn’t that remind you of underdogs and bosses at work for example? Just as unfair life could be, referees can be unfair by not counting a certain foul. The crowd is entertained by the game and every simple detail about the football players and coaches’ lives, aren’t they? This is exactly what goes on around. People gossip for entertainment and spend time watching what others do. However, if you put in your all, play it to enjoy it and have faith you’ll be a winner whether you score or not. The spirit is what actually counts and that’s how you are in life. If you’re happy, you lived your life right.

Told you, it gets exciting. You can link every aspect of football to life. But there’s this one thing about football; why on earth do 22 grownup men run after a ball? It doesn’t make sense!

 Well, so does life. 

Author: Alia Mohammad


2 thoughts on “Life?

  1. I connect that ball to a great opportunity that everybody around wanna grab, the best one hits the opportunity at the correct place , at the correct timing; sometimes luckily though but that’s what we see in life.

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