We’ve got a brand new poem by Fatma Lootah titled “Hope” We hope you enjoy it

You’re a dream.

A lovely dream

That I’d love to feel,

That I’d perish to see.

A lovely dream

That I don’t desire rousing myself from.


You’re my shadow.

My jet-black shadow,

Thats utterly magnificent

Against the ivory wall.


You assist me in constructing

Every step of the stairs

That’ll take me

To where I need to go.

To where I need to be.


You’re my light

That guides me through the dark.

You take my hand

When loneliness has taken over

Only to pull me up with you

Towards the infinite skies.


You trail behind me,

Wherever I go.

You help ascend,

Whenever I drop.


You’re my vast imagination.

You let me fly.

You let me glide.


You let me soar

Across the ravishing blue sky.

You let me immerse.

You let me engulf

The depth of your warm, harmonious soul .


With you I am secure.

With you I am determined

That I am capable of fulfilling anything.

With you I am positive

Of changing a world

That knows nothing

To a better one

That doesn’t know nothing.

With you I’m a

Never-ending list of things.


I gave you a pristine name,

my old friend.

An entirely charming

Flawless name.



With you,

I am unstoppable.

 Author: Fatma Lootah


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