Just Be Here … and Let Me

We are delighted to post a brand new poem written by Alanoud as our first submission of the month! We hope you enjoy it ^^

It’s not dark in here..

There’s a crevice in the curtain of my heart that let your warmth shine through..

It’s nor empty here..

The abundance of lavish love, the mountains of profound passion and the waves of my forever roaring seas of which blue is not its mere color

…are here.

Touch my throbbing veins

Fist my swollen heart

You’d feel I have no pain though my skin’s been ripped apart.

Be here..

.. and I’d make you need nothing

ask you do nothing

tell you give nothing

.. but for you is, if you’d let me, all my love,

if you’d let me, all my care,

all my time and dreams to share with you, if you’d let me

I’d let the allure of my love be mightier than a Herculean force that could hurt you..

If you’d let me, I’d show you my gleaming wings, and even hand you my un-deserved golden halo if you’d let me..

So either be here… or never let me.

Author: Alanoud


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