A poem about yearning, we are delighted to have Asma A.J back with us with a brand new poem titled “Wanderlust” We hope you enjoy it

I yearn to be uprooted

For my legs to lead elsewhere

I yearn for a free mind

Free of cobwebs, the thoughts so mundane, so frivolous, so…blah.


I yearn to be uprooted

Taken from day and night of the same movie,

The same still picture, lived again,

And again, and again and again.


I yearn for my feet to lead me to unknown corners

To unknown people, to a glimpse

Of a moment that overwhelms all moments.


I yearn to be free

From gazes, and feelings and thoughts and expectations.

I yearn for a shift in the planes.

For the comfort of discomfort of discovery. For

That terrifying idea of independence.


I yearn to be uprooted

And spread those roots of mine

Elsewhere, where my soul

Can feel at ease, where silence is the only music in my mind.

Where I can be captured by no wishful idea.

No illusion of mind.

No delusion of heart.


I will be uprooted.

And I will begin anew.

Author: Asma A.J


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