It is always such a delighted to debut new writers on the website ^^ We welcome Shaikha Khalifa to the website with such a delightful post on how much she loves books (don’t we all :))

I love books. I love to read not because I’m afraid of people and rather hide behind my books than face the real world but because books make the real world a better place. They make us appreciate the beauty of this world, the beauty of the things surrounding us including people. They shine a different light into our dim point of view. They add a new color to what we thought was a colorful world. They open new doors and add new countries and lands to the map of the world that’s living in our head called imagination.


I love books. Books change us. Every time I finish a book, every time I come back to the land of realism, to reality I feel like a different person. I feel like I have brought bits and pieces of that world back with me. I feel like I have grown a little. I feel like now I do understand, like now I know a little more.


I love books because they are teachers, mentors and friends. A book can be your best friend or your worst enemy because it speaks to the mind. It takes control, it has the power to make the world seem so beautiful or ugly as it please. It can kill your favorite characters or make them live happily ever after. Yes, it has this kind of power. They are powerful little chunks of paper.


I love books because they’re magical. Yes magical little things made of paper. They are time capsules. In between the old dusty paper lay worlds and worlds of fantasies, ideas and thoughts. In between the black inked words lay millions and millions of minds. In those books lay emotion. People that have been drained of emotions, people that have died a little every time they wrote those words and sentences. While you have been chosen to be the time traveler that travels to all those worlds and discovers all those stories that are dying to be read, dying to be seen, dying to be discovered, stories that are simply dying for your attention.


I love books because they make me stronger. They make me deep, eager and brave. Deep because I look at what’s beyond what my eyes can see, eager to make a change and a difference and brave to be crazy enough to think I can. A pen is all it takes to slash through your heart and cut through your skin. A paper is where you’ll be painted with power of words and books is what will change you.


I love books because they’re simply an incredible bulks of paper and the thought of them being treated as objects no matter how alive they are than most of some living creates doesn’t cease to baffle me.


I love books because they simply make me a better person.

Author: Shaikha Khalifa



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