We are delighted to debut a brand new writer with us on the site, welcome Zainab Al Mahry and her piece titled “Red”

Redness is all I see …

And I try with all the little strength in me…to open my eyes,

Blurred visions of shadows roam,

Awe and laughter surround me,

A warmth lies besides me and sparks a color in me,

Happiness in their red hearts beat

I grip on to the blood that gave me life ..

Mom im here in this new world I now see, the redness is gone


Red… stop

Pause life…breathe…think

Instead I move

Redness it was and redness it is

That I see and feel

Redness knew not such a pain as this,

I close my eyes,

And back to the red earth, a life it gives , a life it takes.


Flames, a scorching crimson

A dark heat awaits

An empty darkness in a hollow end,

Be it fire burnt to ashes,

Or be it a cold dark hollowness…


A color that feels,

That hates, that loves, that hurts,

A color that lives,

That dies and departs,

Never has a color, such superiority given….

 Author: Zainab Al Mahry 


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