White moments within

Shaima Mohammed is back with us with a brand new poem, please enjoy it which is titled “White moments within”

You left,

Not willingly,

But still gone.


Forced to shut down this love,

My heart shattered to pieces,

Bled in the process,

And now it only hopes.


Memories withheld.

Everything else turned to dust,

Except for these memories.


My eyes don’t shed tears anymore,

Yet my heart mourns,

Everyday, every night.


I now loath that so called color ‘Red’

Our moments were ‘White’

But the memories that still remain,

Are soon turning red.


You and I were one,

Now it’s done.


Fate they say,

Selfishness of society, I think.


Give me back my white moments,

And I’ll bring back my wishful heart.


Without you,

I’m a mix of opened veins,

And a burning desire to return to white.


But everything is red.


 Author: Shaima Mohammed


3 thoughts on “White moments within

  1. The words warms the heart yet it open wounds, loved the combination of the colors because it represented a beautiful era that turned to be gloomy.



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