We are delighted to have Reem AlRedha back with us with a new piece for the website titled “Devotion” We hope you enjoy it

She was a believer and the most aspiring of dreamers. Not once would you have been able to tell her she couldn’t do whatever it was that she set her little brave heart to; because within those deep brown eyes, and passion for blood, she firmly believed that she could defy all odds. She believed she could, as cheesy as this may sound, soar like a majestic eagle into the open skies and fly; because what’s life without a bit of fantasy and imagination?

This firing passion of hers remained alive. Her ambitions and devotion conquered her, to the very last sliver of her desirous soul, and to the very last drop of her blood.

“You can’t.” she’d hear, as she would laugh carelessly and flick her luscious curls over her bare shoulder. Like a seed amidst an abundance of florets, she watered her ambitions to their very extent, and like a majestic oak tree, her devotion gradually grew to form such a beautiful outcome, and like the hidden roots of the tree, it remained firm.

All she has to say now is “Watch me.”, because even after the lightning strikes, or the hurricane arrives, there will always be the tranquil sounds of footsteps on the puddles upon the city streets that are there to remind us that we can get through any or every obstacle we unexpectedly stumble upon- and this was exactly what this girl believed in.

Author: Reem AlRedha


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