A Beautiful Mess

It has been a while but we are thrilled to have Safiya Al Nuaimi back with us with a brand new post titled “A Beautiful Mess” We hope you enjoy it!

What comes to your mind when I say the word, “society”? Some might intuitively start bashing what a cruel and unjust this community is, while the other side would rather not mention backlashes for the mere reason that they see what I see: a beautiful society.

Now when an individual chooses to see the bright side of things, this positive attitude helps him witness manifold options he can reach out to. A negative vibe, however, is the magnifier for all things that are impossible so the options shut down and the person waves his white flag. This is a testimony that when we choose to accentuate the good in life, the good things will follow because of our beautified brain and our beautified thoughts. Similarly, vitriolic thoughts will bring nothing but feelings of giving up and accepting struggles with arms wide open.

Despite the fact that some people of this society misrepresent us, it is now your duty to find your flair. No one in this world is ordinary. Ignore these individuals and work on yourself instead. One by one, with our strong will to cultivate this community, the positivity will touch the souls of others and then assuage whatever mess we used to witness. For instance, in the Ramadan show hosted by Ahmad Al Shugairi, “Khawater 9”, Shugairi chose to highlight the goodness in the world and with every episode we’ll find ourselves moved and persuaded more than ever. If he chose to showcase the bad in life, we’d never be moved to change; we’ll leave things as they are.

Therefore, pick a role model and see what he or she did to remove the doubts in their life. We all doubt but it is hope that brings us back to the shore. It is faith in ourselves that makes us stand up and follow our wildest dreams.

You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. You can give our community more examples of people they’re proud of simply by being singular. You are able to change aspects and include and exclude whatever you want in this world. You have a voice.

People will tamper, tinker, trouble and torture you with stringent rules and ruthless words but once you build up a strong personality and a better understanding in life, their attempts wouldn’t move you to fight back but to deliver more and prove them wrong. Just insert the word “beautified” in your brain and I promise you, everything you’ll set your eyes on will be prettified. Our society is beautiful.

Author: Safiya Al Nuaimi


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