We are delighted to welcome a brand new writers on the website. Aisha Alsafi debuts with us a poem under the title “Story” We hope you enjoy it ^^

Through my silver curtain I travel alone
To the deep black ocean where a story was born
of a lost roaming soul searching in fear
for a glimpse of hope or a scent of a dear,
“There There little one” came a sound from around
“What troubles an innocent soul and in tears keeps it drowned?”
A sob was heard with a faint reply,
“I lost the path by my urge to fly,
I aimed then tried, but oh I’m so late,
Where is my place behind all the great?”
“My dear little one” the sound said again
“You belong here it was never in vain!
Do wipe off the rich golden tears
and take your place along the years
embrace your fate, for its a star you are
Never allow darkness to win the war
Shine your brightest when the black takes over
Spread hope and guide the poor night drover
Come now here and mark the beginning
of eternal glory and hope to the living.”
Back here in bed I close my eyes,
To dream about a star in the furthest skies.

Author: Aisha Alsafi


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