My Unspoken Thoughts

We kick start our “Journey” Theme with a new post by Rafia Alhuraiz which revolves around Independence and finding one’s way. We hope you enjoy

Independency. I have always wanted to start an entirely new page of my life, building each and every corner of it with my own bare hands. Getting myself to stand on both legs facing the entire world, proving to all those dull, irrational, narrow minded, bigoted, etc. people who crushed my ego, psyche, self-esteem, dignity, and integrity that not only I became independent but also freewheeling to carry the world on my shoulders.

Thoughts of individualism never left my mind, it grew roots, and thus I started to think even deeper. I don’t want to go through the same old, boring routine of a girl’s life, graduate from school then get married (even though she’s still in college, which is weird in a way) eventually become a “Stay at Home” mother. Its kind of unpredictable for a 17-year-old girl to think of herself as an independent individual that one day will fill in the gap(in a community) that was always empty, and be the backbone to her country.

Author: Rafia Alhuraiz


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