A Stop at the Station of Life

We are pleased to debut a new writer here in the community. Sarah Q writes a story about being at crossroads, self doubt and making decisions for our theme “Journey“. We hope you enjoy

Where am I? Sunlight engulfed me in its shining sea. The view was absolutely splendid as sunset was fast approaching, painting the sky with warm colors of summer. Oh yes, the train station. I’m waiting for the train to my next stop but it looks like I dozed off a bit. I laugh at myself; the ghost of my laugh echoing through the bare station. The smartest thing to do right now is to wait for the next train and stop myself from falling asleep again but, honestly, how did I get here?

I tipped my head to one side and thought of it. The path I chose has taken me this far but why am I dozing off suddenly? I’m not tired so there must be something else preventing me. It dawned on me that I may be using the sleep as an excuse, but an excuse for what?

A cold breeze brushes my cheeks softly. Like the breeze, I thought. I want to be like the breeze, free to travel wherever I desire. So what’s stopping me? I must be hesitant, or maybe even doubtful of the treacherous journey ahead. Treacherous? I don’t even know that. The trail I’m leading could guide me to better, brighter days. Could it be that I am afraid of what lurks ahead?

From a distance, I could see the train coming closer then felt the ground shiver slightly. The next train neared its arrival to the station. My next stop is wherever that very train will take me. I stood and walked to yellow line of the station but doubt tightened its reins on me consequently rendered me frozen in my place.

What if I lose my footing and fall? What if I get lost? What if there’s nothing to gain on this journey? What if, all along, all this was for nothing?  So many what ifs pounded my mind that I closed my eyes and held my head in my hands then knelt to the ground.

A gust of wind abruptly strengthened and threw me off balance. I fell back hard, stunned. The train was slowing in front of me now. I watched as the doors open for me; doors of new opportunity, second chances and unblemished prospects. The sun pierced through the glass windows hence blinding me. The journey ahead was literally shining so brightly.

But the doors began to close. No, I said to myself inaudibly at first. No, no, NO! I shouted. As I hurriedly stood up, the breeze that had turned into a forceful gust jolted me forward and into the train. I stumbled into it then turned to be greeted by the doors shutting. As I embark on this journey, both a chapter ends and another begins.

Doubt began to dissipate and the fear dispelled. All I needed was that push from the breeze I had once wanted to become.

And so the journey continues.

Author: Sarah Q


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