My Words Are My Wealth

A poem written by our very own Shamma Kabital for this month’s theme “Words” revolving around the viewpoint of a poor old man who considers himself wealthy through his writings and words. We enjoyed it immensely and we hope you do too

I may not have money

I may not have gold

I may just be lonely

Haggard and old


But I am far richer

Than any rich man

For I obtain a power

Not many people can


My words are my wealth

My shield, my trusty sword

Ranking me above

Any high landlord


My words are of more value

Than any jewel or gem

Than any silk frock

With a lace-trimmed hem


My words can touch the heart

My words can pierce the soul

They can prey upon any man

Devour him, swallow him whole


My words can take me to places

Alien to the human eye

I speak truth and only truth

Even when I lie


My words have given me

Good reason to be proud

Good reason to be pompous,

Boastful, and loud


But I choose to stay humble

Remain modest and discreet

It is the only way to fill

My belly with food to eat


And if I die of hunger

My words might die along

Without them, the world could

Lose the melody to its song


I do not need money or gold

For my powerful words are worth

All the vast riches combined

On the face of this Earth

Author: Shamma Kabital


14 thoughts on “My Words Are My Wealth

  1. “Some people are so poor, all they have is money” – Good job, Shamma! So beautifully written.

  2. Dear Shamma
    Any adjective is too simplistic to describe your poem. You are naturally born talent. Never, ever stop writing and composing because you enrich the world with your relent and words. I am so proud to have a student like you in our school. Soar girl!!!!
    Miss Nathalie

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