Words Can Kill

Reem AlRedha wished to share a small piece with regards to this month’s theme “Words” Under the title “Words can Kill

It’s utterly fascinating, the power of words.


Whether they’re within our inner thoughts, written or spoken, words have the ability to change someone or something drastically. To manipulate with people’s beliefs, to make a change upon this messed up society, all it takes is some sheer courage and determination to speak your thoughts to the world.


If one is able to manipulate someone to committing suicide, why not use this power positively? Rather than spreading hatred, why not try and make an effective difference?


It’s all about using your words wisely. Think before you speak.

Author: Reem AlRedha


6 thoughts on “Words Can Kill

  1. That’s what I always tell people, “watch your words”. I have a quote for this, “Words are powerful. They have the power to save or take a life.” Nice piece, Reem.

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