UC 2016 Reading Challenge!

Happy New Year everyone!

We are so thrilled that 2016 has been named as the Year of Reading by His highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid. This is the year for us reader and writers to shine!

For our first initiate on the Year of Reading we are issuing a challenge for the UC Members.

We are aiming to read 500 books by the end of 2016!

This challenge is going to be hosted in our Goodreads account (link below) where we will set the mark for 500 books to be read by our members throughout 2016.

We will be creating shelves for each member who participates to show the amount of books that they have contributed to the UC Goodreads challenge.

It can be in any genre that our members want to read in and in any language as well.

The more variety the better!

We do need the members to let us know when they finish the book and date they finished it so that we can continuously update the book count that we have.

Make sure you are using the Hashtag #UC2016ReadingChallenge

So lets show the world that Emirati Women can achieve 500 books in one year and make our leaders proud!

Untitled Chapters Goodreads account here

Happy Reading

-Untitled Chapters Team


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