Pause & Think

We are so delighted to welcome newcomer Hessa AlEassa to the website with her piece titled “Pause & Think” revolving around the theme “Gratitude”

In this busy fast growing world, I try to pause and take a break; to breath and think, but once I remember the poor child covered with black dust, suffering in the war between the ruins of his country and when I see the hungry man, who’s skin is stretched tight to his body to take the shape of his ribs, the thought of all of this makes me forget how to exhale.

The instability of some countries around us reminds me that I should be grateful to live a life of wealth and privilege.

We have access to education, healthcare and entertainment and all of this is available under a safe rooftop called security.

We sleep at night fearing nothing but the sunrise that will declare a new day, which will separate us from our comfortable beds off to work.

We munch into all types of foods from different cuisines with just a swipe of a credit card.

Entertainment is another big deal, we can have it at the tip of our fingers at home; all thanks to the creation of technology.

We have the option of walking down the streets of our neighborhoods relaxed and if we wanted to feel our adrenaline rush we have the option of going to exciting outdoor activities from skydiving to safari and we can even ski indoors and greet penguins at malls in the desert city of Dubai.

On top of all of this, we have free access to education and healthcare, how wonderful is that?

Have you ever imagined a life other than the one that you are living right now? I bet not.

What if and only if you were forced to stay at home with minimum access to water and electricity? What if food was a necessity not a luxury anymore with options fewer than the fingers in your hand? What if walking down the streets in front of your house became a nightmare that you have to live everyday?

Allah forbids, but sometimes imagining the worst will make us be grateful for the best that we are living right now.

Let us not waste food and water, let us help the poor, be kind and give back to the society. Most important of all, at the end of each day when we rest our heads on our warm fluffy pillows, we shall not forget to thank the almighty Allah for all we have including our breath that we are exhaling right now.

احمد ربك دائما وأبدا، ما طال بك العمر و الزمن، لله الفضل لكل خيرات تملكها، لا تكن جاهلاً مقصرا، فالطير في السماء والنعل تحت ارجلك  للرب دائما حامداً. احمد الله على نعمة زارتك فوجدت في بيتك السكنا، هي نعمة تراها و تنسا مكانتها، ويراه الاخرون فتحسد عليها، لا تكن للنعم .ناكرا، فيأتيك يوم تبكي على فراق ما كان لك وحدك…الحمدلله دائما و أبدا

Author: Hessa AlEassa


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