From Soil, on Soil, to Soil

We are delighted to have Alyazia back with us with a brand new piece titled “From Soil, on Soil, to Soil” We hope you all enjoy it

I embark on my journey of perceiving early that day.
I lay on the grass; its pointiness pricks my neck and exposed legs.
The freshness of plants swivels inside me,
For now I become one with nature.
I merged from soil,
Skin as pale as the color of desert grass.
Eyes enriched with deepness,
Deepness that not even a tropical forest occupies.
And my head covered with hair locks,
Dancing in the wind like the autumn leaves.
I am the soil as the soil is I.
We are emerged, after my breakdown.
The time passes by but doesn’t shake me,
For nature isn’t affected by time.
Myself, and nature, we both continue on.
From soil, on soil, to soil,
We are created from each other,
We die together,
And fuse.
A new journey begins.
I am awaken again,
As a flower,
As an insect,
Or a particle in the vast ocean.
I am reunited with other particles,
With other people.
All to be consumed and returned to our home.
The soil.

Author: Alyazia


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