I’m Red, all kinds shades of red

We are thrilled to have Maitha AlHosani back with us with a brand new piece written for our Red theme. We hope you enjoy

I hold my pen but this time fearlessly,

I hold my pen to let others know about my kind, and me

You see, I was born with a glossy black hair and a defined jaw line.

I have my grandfather’s dark eyes and my aunt’s imperfect smile.

As a kid I felt weak because of who I am.. a girl; a damsel who was so afraid to fight.

Then I grew up and still, I have those dark eyes;

And I grew up and that little fearful girl didn’t break away easily.

Later on I had to destroy her.

I had to banish her out of my soul.

You’re allowed to ask me how..

I learned to be the master of my own life.

You know what’s beautiful about being the master of my own self?

I can love whomever I want to love.

I can pick anyone out of the crowd and say hi to them because I love meeting new people.

I can stop talking to certain people or I can stop talking to everyone because I enjoy being quiet at times.

I can love you then hate you for being brutal and that’s my right.

I can hate you because you either mistreated me or didn’t appreciate me.

I can call you a lover, liar, friend or even a soul mate; it’s up to me.

The beauty of life starts coming in my house of happiness when I believe that I deserve the best because everyone deserve what they want and I want happiness.

I’m a happy person because I chose to love the ones I want to love and love the lessons I learned from the people I used to love.

I am the master of myself, and I shine so bright;

I am brighter than the reddish flame.

I can burn my own sorrows because again, I deserve happiness.

Do you think you got the best of me?

Honey you weren’t even close to good.

Do you think that my good days are gone when you walked out of the door?

Well they started once you left.

You didn’t destroy me, no.

And do you know why?

Because I’m red, bright red that burns the eyes!

I shine

I can make you smile

But if you hurt me

I can blind your eyes

I set them on fire,

Not with pain, no

I burn your cruelty with happiness.

Witness how brightly I can smile, even brighter than my burning red..

Sweetie, I thought I’m nothing,

But since you left I realized I am everything!

I’m red, all kind shades of red, dark and light..

Mistreat me or treat me well,

I can be the red painful hell and I can be the red comforting rose..

It’s your choice.

I send out my thoughts,

I send out my words.

Dear broken person, don’t give yourself a chance to live with a broken smile.

You are tough,

Your strength can battle an emotionless nation and win!

Go on,

Stand for yourself.

Show them that you’re not an easy target.

You are red,

Beautiful burning red!

Author: Maitha AlHosani


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