I think, and then I write.

We are delighted to be hosting a brand new Guest Writer with us on the website, Ahmed AlMulla shares with us this piece that he wrote after he read some chapters in a book.

Every once in a while their must be something inside us to explode it, feelings, thoughts, and many things running in every human being mind. I write when my heart get touched by something I saw, or by something I listened to, or by something I felt. Some people write when they feel like they have witnessed everything in life and some people write when they feel that they have changed. For me, I wrote this because I read some chapters from a book that I’m really excited to continue reading it about some footballer life. Writing is something that you can share people what your thoughts are, you can write endlessly about them. First of all despite everything I’m going through I want to thank god for everything he gave me. Every person has abilities and hobbies, either they benefit people or they don’t. Each and every on of us look at others in different perspective, but before judging can you take a minute and think of what this person is going through? Studying and working is an important thing in life and for the community and it can lead to being successful. It is something that everyone wants to see in every person and that what leaders in the UAE provided us, with education and work environment. You must plan your future, time is running out and you can’t predict what’s going to happen tomorrow. In addition, work is necessary for marriage and it’s sharing your moments of joy with happiness, have kids and family. Other thing that can specialize the person is his kindness, I know its something not common and unappreciated nowadays but it can make a difference in someone’s heart. Being mean and careless is the trend nowadays and that’s how it works. Everyone wants something in life, its either you keep trying till you get or you just let it go, stop complaining about what you cant achieve or about what other did.

Author: Ahmed AlMulla


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