About us

Where Worlds are created and Characters are born…


To grace the bookshelves around the world with OUR Stories


To bring together Female Emirati writers of all ages and have a unified place for them to interact and share their stories with other female Emirati writers which will then hopefully help them grow to become better writers.

One of our main objectives is to empower Female Emirati Writers & give them a community where they can just be their crazy writing selves.

Letter from the Founder

The Majority of Writing is done in solitary.

Many Writers are not even aware of other writers that are around them.

Though they constantly search for people who share this passion.

I was among those writers who has always enjoyed writing at a very young age, which I discovered last year started from when I was in Grade 4 when I gave my best friend a story I wrote about girls and horses. Ever since that day I have been writing since. Until very recently I thought I was the only one, until I saw that the   number of Emirati Writers is growing tremendously on twitter and I was delighted to speak to them and share my passion with them.

The objective of Untitled Chapters is to become a hub for Female Emirati Writers to find each other, come together and interact with each other, share their stories and experiences.

This website will also showcase some authors who wish to share their work with the rest of the world. It is a difficult process to put something up online and have other people read/judge your work. The Untitled Chapters Team will act as a support system for anyone who wishes to become published.

Publishing your work is just a start; it could be your start to becoming a full fledged publish writer.

– Fatma Al Bannai


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