My Favorite Book

We are so delighted to be posting a brand new poem by Ghadeer Al Barakani titled “My Favorite Book” we hope you enjoy it

I want you to be my favorite book

I read you over and over without getting bored

I find you more interesting as I discover a little more about you with every re-read
Using my favorite red pen, I write my thoughts on your pages until those pages wind up a mixture of my thoughts and yours
I continue to highlight my favorite lines
fall in love with your content
embrace your feelings
laugh and cry or just focus in complete unbroken interest
I want you to be my favorite book
I will keep you safe
Even when your pages wear down and tear at the edges
I will, in fact, cherish you more
Keep you safe and secure
For you have become my favorite book
And somehow along the way?
I became your favorite lines in your own book
We embrace each other and keep us safe
Because we realize that what we have created is not just a regular book
It is not only yours
It is not only mine
It is ours
It is rare
It is vintage
It is one
The only book
Our book.

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