Seeking Adventures

It’s been a long while and we apologize for the Hiatus but we are back and we are so excited to be debuting a brand new writer with us today! Please welcome Mahra Alhosani and her piece for our Travel Diaries theme! She has also included some lovely pictures to go with her piece so we hope you enjoy this post

I put down my pen as I look at the sunset, this is where I want to be. Nowhere in particular, always on and about, seeking adventures and a polaroid to keep. All these rivers, oceans and mountains make me doubt if I could really travel the whole world.

 I felt like a stranger in all these places, between all the people I passed in the streets of a foreign country. Isn’t it funny how we sound to them? They listen to us wondering what on earth the language we’re speaking is and we probably think the same whenever we hear an unfamiliar language.

I want to visit ancient places, art museums and places where history was made. I know I can look them up or virtually see them via google maps, but being there is different.  The pictures I took  of any place won’t slightly represent how it felt to be there. I always wanted to capture pictures with my eyes to keep a visual of how it actually looked.

These places were breathtaking:

Author: Mahra Alhosani


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