Dear Old Self

We are so delighted to be posting a brand new post for our “Letters” theme. This post is written by Manal Hussain and is titled “Dear Old Self” We hope you enjoy

Dear old self

I have reached the point where I am sick of myself, sick of my fear, and sick of my distractions. I no longer can put or favor anyone else over me, my precious soul has suffered so much for such actions, but do I ever get appreciated? Hell no.

No matter what I do, no matter how high I scream, there’s no response there is no change. It’s like throwing my efforts in a trash I’d say, but my foolish self would repeat the mistake over and over, will I ever learn?

I am the one to blame; I am the one to blame.

I came to realize that at the end of the day, I am the one that matters to me. There’s no shame in putting myself first and loving it because once I start loving myself and living my life, the whole world will correspond to love me back.

I am sorry, for not being the person you’ve imagined me to be when I become 20 years old, but its okay I guess, cause I still promised you that I will never give up on myself even if I was let down several time.

So here’s the thing dear self, 5 years from now you will be what you want to be, you will laugh at your previous fears and you will love yourself and you will be loved. You will walk with a smile and you will succeed at what you choose to do.



Author: Manal Hussain


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