The Trigger

Eba AlHosani  Shares with us a short but heartbreaking post titled “The Trigger” all about how one single whiff of a scent could trigger memories. We hope you enjoy it

“My presence makes people think and remember, when I go away for a while I am forgotten and I lose my power to attract  people through the very sensitive part of their being, their ability to smell. But, when I appear again I will take over and stay till eternity even if I fade away I stay in the memory like a familiar face you lost but, I stayed where they used to exist as a being. I trigger your memories and darkest thoughts that you push down.  I am the scent of the person that existed and made an impact on you life. I am the scent that you smell when you get back from school that you clash in to embracing the person that was a piece of your heart. I mark moments of happiness that will not return ever again because she is gone but I stayed.” That is what I heard when I sniffed and hugged my grandmother’s quilt with tears running down my cheeks and me sitting by her bed the day she died.

Author: Eba AlHosani


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