We are so thrilled to be posting a poem titled “Nevermore” which is co-written by two of our writers, Mariam Q & Latifa AlGhaferi 

Silent as a grave
He walked the Earth
Treading on the ground
Like a whisper
His cloak fluttering
Like a shadow
His wings dragging
A fallen angel
A broken one
Reaping vengeance
Everywhere he went
His wings fell
A black blanket on all
His menacing voice
Ripped the air in a call
Of a vowed revenge
To the ones who made him fall
His eyes sharp and piercing
Cold and merciless
They were like holes of blackness
That flame with chaos
He was fallen, broken and silent
An eerie threat to Earth
His insides deviod
In place of a heart
A hollow burrow filled his center
He had vowed:
The world is to be painted
Red and purple
Instead of the black and white
He came to despise
The pages became ashes
The scents into smoke
All was lost and so was he

Author: Mariam Q & Latifa AlGhaferi


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