Hours to be gone

Writers sometimes struggle with certain aspects about writing but good writers never give up. For Maitha AlHosani  she claims that writing short stories is always a struggle for her so we are so extremely proud of her for not giving up and wanting to put in an effort into short writing to better her craft. We hope you all enjoy her short story titled “Hours to be Gone”

I found Hind’s mom on the right corner of the emergency room, she looked at me with her hazel eyes that looked darker than usual because of her sadness, she shifted between the uncomfortable plastic chairs and probably her thoughts were similar to mine, when will Hind’s sufferings end?


“Another stroke..” She said.


I felt the weariness of my soul as I tried to comfort her but instead I said, “I was working due to my night shift and I’m sorry.”


She tried to smile, “It’s okay son, and it’s just a stroke we’re used to this.”


Few minutes later, I saw the nurse rushing out of Hind’s room and shouting for help. The doctors gathered in her room, Hind’s mom and I tried to walk in but the fence of doctors stopped us; and when we were close to her, the nurse looked at Hind’s and said coldly, “We’re sorry.”

3:14 AM,

I woke up from this nightmare that started to be my night routine for the past two months I keep on dreaming of her death but then I wake up to see strands of her brown hair over my pillow. I sit for few minutes every night to look at her glowing white skin and rosy lips. Then I see my daughter Mariam’s crib close to her; my beautiful girls sleeping safe and sound then I lay back and remind myself that it had been two years since the last chemotherapy session and my beloved hind’s pain came to an end and she’s breathing next to me.

9:00 AM,

“You are going to be late.” Hind whispers in my ears.

“Late for what honey? It’s Saturday.” I looked at her with half opened eyes and she’s still gorgeous.

She pushes me aside, giggled and laid next to me, “We’re getting Meme’s ears pierced today. You promised.”

I tuck her under my arms and pull her closer to me, “yes I promised, let me get dressed while your majesty prepares the breakfast.”

“hmm funny and demanding but I’ll be waiting.” She slipped swiftly from between my arms and pulled her hair up.

“Honey.. when was the last time you went for a check up?”

She stopped and looked at me, “Two weeks ago love, everything is alright and you’ve been asking me the same question for the past 2 weeks as well and not to mention the past two months.. are you okay?” she seemed worried.

“Yes, I just want my love and the queen of my baby princess to be alright for the rest of my life.” I smiled.

Hind smiled back and left the room.

10:30 AM,

Mariam was on Hind’s lap as the nurse, placed a mark on both of Meme’s ears.

“Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, Lavender’s green, when you are king, dilly dilly, I shall be queen.” Hind was whispering the song as the nurse placed the piercing gun on Meme’s ears.

The nurse pierced my baby’s ears, she cried as Hind held her closer and I saw hind’s tears falling over her flushed cheeks,

“Who told you so, dilly dilly, Who told you so? ‘Twas my own heart, dilly dilly, That told me so.”

We stayed for a while; I tried to comfort Meme and her mom and once we were out, I whispered in her ears, “You’re beautiful even when you cry.”

She pushed me and laughed, “Jerk.” Love!

11:00 AM,

We were in the car heading home and my phone rang. “Can you not use your phone while you’re driving.” Hind implied.

“Yes, it’s my boss.. I’ll just send an instant message to him.”

She exhaled like a mama dragon but I was too scared from her to smile. I typed “I will” and the next thing I saw a truck that has a yellow sign saying “ If I’m not..” then everything faded into darkness.

(I can’t remember what hour was it),

I opened my eyes, I saw men around me asking me to recite the verses of Tawheed but I don’t know where did I get all of my strength to stand up. “Hind” I shouted. Then a man held my shoulder and told me that he’ll take me to her. I walked few steps and I saw her lying on the bare sands, I held her between my arms. Blood covered her white beautiful face.

“You died thousand times in my dreams and I die every time when I see it, but I can’t let you die in my reality.” I whispered and cried as pain was tearing my heart apart. She tried to smile but pain came over; Hind looked at me for one last time and I think at that moment she left me.

8:00 PM,

I remember that I cried and screamed my lungs out, yet not even part of the pain left my flesh. I stopped crying or screaming because the pain still lingers my skin.

For the past two years I was struggling to make Hind forget about her cancer battle but to be true, I was the one who wanted to feel better and forget about it.. I was threatened all the time, scared that she’s going to leave me but she did and took my tiny piece of heaven with her .. and this time it’s my fault I couldn’t save the only thing that I was living for. I’m not even sure if god will let me in with my queen and princess but I shall try my best and I hope I can leave as soon as I can.

9:00 PM,


I am gone,

Far far gone.

Author: Maitha AlHosani


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