A Child’s Lament

We are so amazed at how popular and inspiring our Letters theme is to our writers! It’s been amazing reading everyone’s submissions. We are thrilled to have Amna AlHashemi submit her piece for this theme! We hope you enjoy A Child’s Lament

Mama, forgive me

For what I’ve done

I’m going the opposite way that you’ve gone


Mama, believe me

It’s not all bad

I’m only following what my heart demands


Mama, be careful

It’s dangerous here

For they will seek you first to locate me there


Mama, that’s why

I must leave you behind

It kills me but what other choice can I find?


Mama, stand firm

If they pound on your door

Even ravenous sharks cannot lurk ashore


Mama, hold on

When your walls seem to quake

Only with your permission could they ever break


Mama, be brave

Let thundering storms pass

Lest they break your heart that’s made of glass


Mama, I’m sorry

If my words cut like a dagger

It’s only to keep you safe and that’s what matters


Mama, live on

Be happy at last

And let tomorrow’s demons sleep in the past

Author: Amna AlHashemi


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