Pieces of love

We are so very honored and humbled to have this piece titled “Pieces of love” written by Maitha AlHosani who states that she is so very grateful to be apart of this group because it’s the only place that accepts and loves her for who she is. We love and cherish her greatly as we do for all our writers.

In a world of humans no longer know how to live like humans, I lived innocently. I loved and I cared because I believe that kindness is a way of living not a bargain that states, “if you give it, it’ll come back” but there are people who are willing to knock you sideways and down so they get the privilege of being your destroyers and that what happened to me. I was trapped in a corner where my past was behind me and my present in front of me and, and on the side ways two people pushed the walls on me to enjoy the moment where I crumble. I felt the doubts and their hate eating my mind; and I couldn’t tell anyone about that because I’m a person that hates to talk her thoughts and fears out, I bury them inside me until they melt and vanish or they melt into my soul and affect me.


I gave the thoughts a chance to melt in my soul and affect me; because of that, the past few weeks had been hell to me because their words and action settled beneath my skin, they are with me all the time! Until yesterday, I woke up and I connived myself that it’s time to let their toxic hate and doubts out of my body, so yesterday’s goal was “notice the love” and I started my day.


I noticed love when my friends and I get breakfast for each other when we are drowned in work but someone decides to crack a silly joke or sing a cheesy verse of a song. It’s the way they try to comfort me with their looks when I’m going through hard times. Love when they know what I’m going through and still excuse my mood swings and weird behavior. Love defines them and that’s why I love them.

There’s a love bond because their “I love you” comes in a series of actions that makes you need them more and more.


I felt the love when I’m at university and my colleagues discuss my writings between each other. I felt it again when strangers come to me personally and say, “we heard a lot about your words and we feel them in our hearts before they make their way into our brains.” I felt it because the love bond between my words and I is exceptional, and the bond between me and my readers is phenomenal because we feel each other even though we had never met.


I felt love between me and my past that had been fighting me for so long; I love my past because it introduced me to people who made me change, some of them decided to leave and leave their bittersweet memories behind and I might not love them anymore, but my past also introduced me to my loved ones who offered me the world within short time. You see my past built me and made me who I am today., it built the person who goes from the pit of the world to the top of skies.


And last but not least, the greatest love of all is when I come home after a long stressful day and I see my father greeting me with his warm smile and soothing hug. “You are the balance of this life.” And here I conclude the meaning of love to all of you. Love is when my family loves me every single day, with my flaws and perfections. Their love is the heaven I run to everyday when my world stops making sense.


So my darling, my precious and my other piece of being,

the next time you or I decide to feel down or let anyone haunt us, we should remember that this world doesn’t revolve around the ones who wish us bad, because we are loved every single day and by lot of people.


The next time you feel bad because of someone I suggest you turn your back to him or her and start noticing the love like I did and I promise you that your smile will shine again and the toxic hate will leave you alone.

Author: Maitha AlHosani


One thought on “Pieces of love

  1. Maitha, your words made their way to my heart before they make their way to my brain, you’re amazingly awesome! Loved every single word, I love you❤️

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