Deep and Close

Shaima J is back with us with a brand new English piece titled Deep and Close We hope you enjoy it ^^

Been last in thoughts for a very long time trying to figure out myself, and get to know me much better. All what I would’ve said a year ago is I’m an 18 years old, I love listening to the opera, read about  phycology, and energy. I also liked doing make up and look at art like old poetry and epic love stories. I would’ve also mentioned that I like going out and watching series and tones of Youtube videos and that I like expressing myself through writing which is my hobby that I get to do when I’m sad but not this time. This time I chose to express to myself differently, who is the person I become in a year after, and not because I’m sad but because I am happy of where I got today.



This year was truly field with what I like to call challenges that absolutely made me know what I really want from life, who am I as a person, what I want to be? Who is the person I want to become in years from now, and I know that these things changes and grows like we do but at least I know where I stand now. However, once I realized all of that I started asking myself if there is such a thing called real? I always wonder what real things in life feel like.  A while ago a good friend of mine told me that “there is no such a thing called best friend they are all good friends” and life taught her this in the hard way, and that what made me realize that the only best friend you can have is yourself no matter how close you were with the people around you they are the good friends and the only moral friend is you to yourself.



I did not realized that I was questioning love by questioning real things in life, like people, and true smiles. Therefore, I started to wonder if love exists in a world field with war, complexity, and busy people? I always wonder if anyone is still interested in pure real love not any kind of love. A love that is unconditional. A love that doesn’t make you look in certain way or talk or be a different person than who you really are. A love that one life is not enough for to last. A love that will accept you because it is you with no makeup, no filter, and no cliché I like to believe in life, love, and real things because I read somewhere that your life gets created by your thoughts, and believes.


Part1 ..


To be continued…


Author: Shaima J

Edited by:Aisha Al Jaberi


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