The Morph

We are delighted to be hosting a brand new writer with us on the website! Please welcome Wafa AlHosani  ‏with her debut piece titled “The Morph” Its a piece thats in her book called “Nostalgic Syndrome” it was never published just printed and she wanted to share this story with us through the Untitled Chapters website. We hope you enjoy it

The time has come for you to know my child. The story that has been told for centuries, about the myth of the women in the desert who have defeated their identical morphs.

Morphs would only appear before the girl on the day she becomes a young women, a ceremony is held, to celebrate that event. The festival takes seven days.

The seven days represent the seven days god created earth and then on the seventh day he created Adam the first man our father. So the morph for a thousand years tried to imitate Eve our mother because it couldn’t restrain it’s feeling towards Adam. After that it was always in morphs genes to change in to a women’s form. It was said that morphs were accused of being the serpent on the tree that coaxed Eve to take a bite from the forbidden fruit. But each morph had to wait for its specific woman to be born, for each woman had an identical morph.

A morph would wait thousands of years for that specific woman to be born if it had to. It was in their characteristics to be jealous and envy filled their being so they wouldn’t coexist with women. Little girls weren’t allowed to go to the desert until it was time for the girl’s ceremony in to women hood, before the ceremony took place it was time the elders’ book was handed down to the young women. The book contained the techniques to the morph’s attack which was held during the seventh day of the ceremony that was to be carried out in the desert where the young woman had to not only face her morph but to defeat it. The morph would transform only if it saw seven unique characters of women’s body when it masters the art of imitating her unique characteristics. The process of the possession is taken out ever so gracefully, like smoke of a beautiful fragrance as bkhoor. So moles and birthmarks were covered with a mask that was developed for that purpose. The mask was called the burgaa.

Some women were paralyzed by fear before their morph ever got to them. Many were sacrificed to find ways to defeat them. You will be surprised of what the morphs instinct can absorb things about you that are sensual and unique by just observing your body.

Morph developed ways to transform with out needing a full face. By counting the women’s eyelashes and sweat glands they have extra ordinary vision. But nevertheless

The burgee seemed to be a threat to the morphs. It was a symbol of a war mask so the women still felt it was essential and the first tool for the defeat. The secret attack was sleeping while sitting; a girl of a certain household trained her self to sleep while sitting.

It was during the time she was punished for three days. So when it was time for her ceremony she wore her burgee and sat there sleeping as she had trained her self during her punished days was most powerful of attacks.

Because by sleeping her breathing and heart beat was normal and constant and by closing her eyes the morph couldn’t be able to imitate her iris pattern and wouldn’t move because of fear. Fear gives birth to tension, tension creates movement and sweat, and if the morph imitated those things it would achieve its transformation. If it achieves this transformation its next step is to process the women’s body if it finds an opening from her nose, mouth or eyes.

That is why some could actually run away, but they would still be defeated. So they spend the rest of their lives imprisoned in their own homes. But those women were proud they would rather die than be defeated. So only some would rather be saved by running away.

With the burgee another tool was used, the girls hands and feet were covered with a plant that was known for its smell repelled the morph scent and vision that plant was ground and mixed was other ingredients. It was called henna ().

The ground henna was poured in circle around the girl to create a shield.

This technique of the henna attack was discovered by one of our Elders Moza (the black pearl). The seventh day of her ceremony was the same day of her wedding. She was to defeat or be defeated. Moza’s hair was clean and soaked in jasmine, her hands and feet still moist with henna.

She was the first one of our Elders and leader. The Elders were the women who set the rules of the book. Not anyone can be an elder the girl has to defeat her morph by discovering a new technique. They were wise women but above all they were warriors. By establishing this book they saved many lives of young women.

One might ask and what happened to the others that were taken over by their morphs. Well some say they lived naturally amongst humans until they marry but each time they were pregnant with a girl the husband was told that that was an abortion but the truth was that the fetus was burial, they grow as morphs amongst their adopted parents that think it is a lost child that was found within the desert’s womb.

The married morph has to produce seven years if she doesn’t she kills her husband by showing her true form, and so the cause of his death would be a heart attack it was the fastest way and the cleanest, because it was said that it seemed like a natural death.

Others say that some morphs learnt how to coexist with women by entering a pregnant womb and transforming with the newborn child. They were then called identical twins. Other morphs branched out some tried animals, like dears and camels. Some tried to transform in to male fetuses and succeeded after many years of trying, those that to transform in to mammals did not succeed only after many years of agony. That is why mammals produce more then one fetus at a time.

Author: Wafa AlHosani


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