I never rebelled

We are delighted to have Safiya Al Nuaimi back with us with a brand new post titled “I never rebelled” all about not rebelling 

As summer started, I finally had the time to reflect on my life and to write a reflection on what I’ve observed. Every year when summer begins I get the chance to ponder and progress.


I came to realize that throughout my years of existence, I have never rebelled. I may have taken a few risks, but all of those risky decisions were none-consequential. In other words, every choice I would take would never affect anyone but myself, which means these choices are never problematic. But why haven’t I rebelled, I asked myself. Why did my teenage years pass by smoothly, and every phase I underwent never messed anyone’s life but mine? Why?


Here’s the reason: like any other family, ours is not perfect. Each family has its own problems; no one can deny that. As a result, I never wanted to add more to the already messy table. I never want to go against my parents because they always know what’s best for me, and I came to realize that at an older age. Every time they said no to me, it aggravated me. Only when I grew up, I understood their reasons.


What helped me ease up with their rejections is putting myself in their shoes. Come to think of, the thought of my future daughter going somewhere alone is just troublesome. Who cares if she’s old enough to be independent, I’ll still worry. It’s human to worry.


This rebel-free relationship had more benefits than I thought. Yes, my parents were over-protective and cautious, but the restrictions did nothing but help me cope. My current relationship with my parents is beyond words. I live for those Thursday coffee dates with my mother. It means the world to me to share a cup of coffee with her, be around her, and listen to her updates in a different context. It means the world to me when I know that I am the only one who runs errands with her. It means the world to me when she gets excited when I wake up. I feel so valued in this house. I love how casual my relation with my parents is. Had I rebelled, I wouldn’t have had such a wonderful relationship with them.


Our parents want to see us in our best of shapes. They spend days and nights to help us reach where we are today. Why should we trouble them when they deserve nothing but kindness? I have skipped major events just to stay home and be the most obedient child on earth. I went out with my mother on days where I had exams just to help her out. I always put my parents first. Their happiness is my happiness. Be gentle with your parents, readers.

Author: Safiya Al Nuaimi


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