Candid Tears

One of our most beloved writers is back with a brand new poem for us! However she is choosing to remain anonymous for now so can you guess who this poet is? We hope you enjoy “Candid Tears”

I write to soothe my wretched soul

In which there lay a dreadful hole


Sometimes, I melt into the ground

Producing not the slightest sound


With piercing pains within my heart

More hurtful than a poisoned dart


My mind burdened with heavy thought

Dreaming of all I ever sought


But then I grasp a pen in hand

My sorrows gradually go bland


I write down all I have to say

The sad feelings then fade away


I pour my heart onto the page

Unleashing all my hidden rage


Releasing my worries, my fears

And making words of candid tears

Author: anonymous 


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