Creative Writing Course @ Ductac

Hello Writers of the U.A.E

For people who are looking for a good Creative Writing Course within the U.A.E, Dubai to be specific then look no further.

The Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Center, or Ductac is offering an 8 week Creative Writing course for those who are interested in pursuing such a course. Its once a week therefore it is a total number of 8 classes overall. It will be taught by Charlotte Smith.

Our Founder, Fatma Al Bannai has taken his course back in September and it is now being offered again for a new batch of writers.¬†She highly recommends it for those who enjoy Creative Writing. It’s priceless to be able to sit down and be able to show your work to other people and discuss this, much like what Untitled Chapters is all about. As well as writing things that you never thought you would, this will help anyone grow as a writer.

The team will follow up with Ductac to see when will be starting, we do believe that it will start in January of 2012 but we will keep posting updates about this as we receive them.

Course info here

Ductac official website

Ductac Twitter account

Happy Writing!

– Untitled Chapters Team


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