Outlining a Novel

Outlining is a subject that many authors disagree on, there are authors who like to outline key elements in their novel and leave the details out for later for them to figure out, and there are others who outline every single detail of every event in their novel while in contract, some authors don’t outline at all; they simply jump in and get surprised themselves about what comes out.

You as a writer need to decide which methods works for you and gets the novel written; once you get that decided then you can get started on either outlining or jump right into the novel.

If you do want to start outlining, the Untitled Chapters Team would like to give you a few pointers in preparations for NaNoWriMo

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Writing Romance


The Romance Genre is huge! Doesn’t matter is one is a fan of it or if they find it cliche’. If it’s not a romantic novel which is either a chic lit or a historical romance; a romantic relationship can be found in a lot all Young Adult or even adult books whether it is the main focus of the novel or just a subplot. Though how can we make a romance work? How can a writer create a realistic and good romantic relationship between their characters. The Untitled Chapters Team shares with you some of their opinions on what make a good romantic relationship


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Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is a favorite to founder Fatma Al Bannai in both reading and writing; which she shares with many people as Historical genre has become very popular these days, due to the fact that pretty much anything prior to the 19th century can be considered Historical Fiction so that’s a lot of material to choose from for writer to focus on including settings, characters, events that happened in history. The Untitled Chapters team wanted to write a new Tips of the Pen to shed some light on how one goes about writing a historical novel.

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Writing Dystopias

Since The Hunger Games became popular, Dystopia novels have become a real trend in the books, especially with YA Novels where more and more novels are coming out in this genre. It is a very interesting genre which has a lot of potential; however it can go very wrong if one does not know how Dystopian novels work; we’ve listed down some essential things that writers should keep in mind when writing Dystopian novels

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