The Escape

We are proud to debut a haunting short story by Reem AlRedha, who showed talent in giving us as readers chills and goose bumps and left us with questions on the possibilities of what could happen next. Enjoy “The Escape” !

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Theme # 6 Heroes

It’s May! We are in our 6th Theme already and we are happy to announce the theme for this month is “Heroes” Write a story about what makes someone a hero, what acts do you feel is heroic to you? Has someone impacted your life and that you see them as your hero? You can write a peice inspired by them and why they carry the title as your Hero Let you’re creativity run wild; don’t wait for your muse, make it work! Deadline for this prompt will be on the 31st of May 2012. If you still wish to submit … Continue reading Theme # 6 Heroes