Counting Your Last Breaths

We have a new comer on the website, Shaima AlShaikh who wished to share her first submission for the March theme “The Wait”. This is an example of short stories, despite its length can have characters that effect us greatly and we can grow attached to them.

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Theme #4: The Wait

Febuary was a fast month was it? We’ve decided on the new theme for March to be“The Wait”  It could be The wait for a new job… It could be The Wait for an opportunity to strike… It could be The Wait for your soul mate… Let you’re creativity run wild; don’t wait for your muse, make it work! Whatever it is; we feel that waiting is a time of reflection; though we believe firmly that if someone want to accomplish something they shouldn’t wait for things to happen but to go and get things done. We simply cannot wait … Continue reading Theme #4: The Wait